The Pavilion Theatre

June 1, 2019
7:30 pm
The Pavilion Theatre
The Rolling Clones

Don’t worry. If that’s rain drumming on the roof, then it’s just the universe conspiring to beat out the rhythm of more than 50 years of one of the greatest, most influential rock ‘n’ roll bands of all time. It’s your chance to ride the still mighty wave of global appetite for every mouth-watering morsel of a back catalogue of musical masterpieces destined to make all wannabes really, really wannabe. We speak, of course, of none other than The Rolling Stones.
But who loves them best? No contest. There is a tribute band at large in the world today that has removed all the cheese from the tribute genre and replaced it with beauty and beef. They can offer anyone who has never had the chance to see the real deal the other real deal: towering music talent; stage presence wrapped up like Christmas presents, all glitter and colour and thrill; real and humorous affection for their now craggy idols; a frighteningly accurate delivery of gesture and prancing, dancing and voice. These are The Rolling Clones. This is the best Rolling Stones tribute band in the world today.
The Rolling Clones: musicians on a mission to deliver the word of The Stones.

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